A hammer toe is a deformity caused by an imbalance in the formation of muscles in the foot.  It is characterized by a contraction of the toe joints.  Restrictive and uncomfortable shoes force the smaller toes to curl and are one possible cause for hammer toes.  Other cases may be hereditary in origin, and the contraction of toes may become permanent in some cases, leading to severe pain if the area is irritated or corns are present.




Your podiatrist will initially carry out a thorough assessment of the movement of your feet.  Depending on the results obtained, the podiatrist will then choose the type of support that is best suited to your particular case: either supports for your soles to stabilize your foot muscles, or toe supports to take the pressure off your toes.


It should be noted that every podiatric support is custom-designed based on the specialist’s recommendations.  In the most persistent cases, the podiatrist may intervene surgically to correct the condition.


Finally, always choose correctly sized shoes with wide and deep uppers to avoid the discomfort caused by constant rubbing of the toes against the upper part of the shoe.


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Source : Ordre des podiatres du Québec

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