Foot Consultations and evaluations

foot consultation and évaluation


It’s important to have your feet assessed! Many plantar problems arise because we delay before consulting. A mild problem can quickly turn into a more serious problem if left unsealed. During your foot consultation, we will make a full assessment of the general health of your feet. We will have you fill out a medical questionnaire that will allow us to identify probable cases of your condition, and we will also ask you about your habits and your lifestyle. 

Your problems can be hereditary, quite sudden, or even degenerative. Depending on the podiatrist’s assessment and diagnosis, appropriate treatments will be offered. Our podiatrist experts may use a biomechanical examination, ultrasound, x-ray, therapeutic ultrasound, cortisone infiltration, foot orthotics or other treatment that may help the specialist learn more or relieve your condition.

Trust our expertise to assess the condition of your feet or those of a loved one. Our care is tailored to every person and at all ages, for both children and older people. We also offer our services to individuals living with special needs, such as people with diabetes, reduced mobility, those with weakened autoimmune health or those living with chronic diseases, for example.

Our knowledge also extends to athletes of all levels and also to their favorite daily activities, such as dancing, running, yoga or any other foot-seeking activities.

If you have any doubts about the health of your feet

Whether it is the appearance of a certain color, smell, any point, or you simply feel discomfort, do not hesitate to make an appointment with one of our podiatrists. 

Your feet support your entire body. Take care of it!

Note that it is always possible to have an emergency consultation. An event or acute pain can happen quickly during the day. Contact us for an emergency visit!