Plantar orthotics/Foot orthotics



The plantar orthotics or foot orthotics is a treatment that relieves specific pathologies to the feet, diagnosed by our podiatrists. The orthosis is also a means of preventing certain conditions.

The orthosis improves the biomechanics of the feet and can only be prescribed by a podiatrist or a doctor, after an evaluation of your condition and the development of an accurate diagnosis.

The plantar orthotics prescribed by our podiatrists are custom-made from your footprints and should not be confused with the prefabricated models found in some retail stores. They are adapted and manufactured to correct your condition. The orthosis can be functional, in order to correct the biomechanics of the feet, and can also be comfort, in order to provide a light cushion in support of the feet.

Before prescribing an orthosis, our podiatrists conduct a biomechanical and postural examination by analyzing walking and measurements of your lower limbs. If necessary, X-rays may also be prescribed to complete the examination. Our podiatrists will consider your entire medical history to determine if your problem is related to your feet and not to another health problem, which may then require a consultation with your family doctor. It is worth noting that these very important elements are usually not considered in stores selling big-box orthotics.

Indeed, any manufacture or modification of an orthosis carried out in a laboratory must be ordered by a podiatrist or a doctor, who are the only professionals authorized by law and by the Professional Code to give this type of prescription. The Podiatry Act authorizes our podiatrists to manufacture, process, modify or sell a foot orthosis to patients. Our orthotics are thin, versatile and fit into most shoes. 

At Clinique podiatrique St-Charles, we are fortunate to have our laboratory on site and thus offer faster service, personalized recoveries and modifications in a short time.

Each orthosis includes fitting and adjustment, as required. When taking possession of your orthotics, instructions on wearing and maintenance will be given to you. 

In the majority of cases, it is not necessary to obtain custom-made shoes. 

(Reference: Order of Podiatrists of QC)


The wearing of orthosis makes it possible to:

  • correct the position of flat feet and hollow feet;
  • reduce the progression of certain deformations, including onion;
  • reduce pain caused by certain pathologies (plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, knee and back pain, etc.);
  • decrease symptoms related to osteoarthritis of the feet;
  • prevent complications related to diabetic feet.


If you notice frequent falls in your child, wear of the shoes in the same place, you find that he tires quickly when walking, that he has pain in his feet, legs, knees or that he tends to walk on tiptoe, a postural and biomechanical evaluation by one of our podiatrists is necessary. Consultation at an early age will save him from future problems.