Our Podiatric clinic

About our Podiatric Clinic

The St-Charles Podiatric Clinic is a family business that has been established in the west of the island of Montreal for several decades. 

Established more than thirty years ago, the Clinic was built by Marc Tranchemontagne, former president of the Ordre des podiatres Québec and one of the key members of the Foundation of Podiatry in Quebec. Following his death a few years ago, his son Dr. Martin Tranchemontagne, a podiatrist, resumed the practice and in turn became the first son of a podiatrist who graduated from the Faculty of Podiatric Medicine at the University of Quebec in Trois-Rivières.

The iconic building of the city of Pierrefonds stands out for its white and green façade, hexagonal in shape which is located on one of the main arteries connecting the cities of Kirkland and Pierrefonds.

We are committed every day to providing the best service in foot care! Our mission is to raise awareness, educate and care for the feet in a warm and inviting environment. 

Our expertise as a pillar in the field of podiatry makes us the clinic of choice on the Island of Montreal.

Clinique podiatrique Saint Charles

Our team of podiatrists

The success of our company is summed up by the passion and dedication of our staff for every patient who walks through our doors.

Each member is a key element. From the beginning of your appointment process, until the moment you leave the clinic, you will be taken care of by an outstanding team that cares for detail and the health of your feet to heart.

We want our patients to be treated as family members, with care and empathy.

Learn more about our team below!


Dr Martin Tranchemontagne, podiatrist

Dr Martin Tranchemontagne, podiatrist

Dr Martin Tranchemontagne podiatrist, is the first of this new generation of children of a former or existing podiatrist. We can say that he fell both feet in the trade!

He loves to discuss trips with his patients. Passionate about his work, he is always looking for new techniques or technologies that can improve their well-being.

Working as a podiatrist for almost a decade, he makes sure you are in good hands when consulting with him!

Dre Claudèle Lacombe, podiatrist

Dr Claudèle Lacombe, podiatrist

Dr Lacombe podiatrist, has also been with us since graduation! You can often hear her laugh with the children or discuss activities with seniors.

A natural sportswoman, she is part of a soccer league. A sport she has been playing since she was young!

Dr Lacombe, is thorough and caring, feel free to ask for a consultation with her.

Dr Farès Raymond Issid, podiatrist

Dr Farès Raymond Issid, podiatrist

Dr Issid, who has been practising at the Podiatric Clinic for 10 years now. He’s our dean. He has a large patient base to which he is fully dedicated. He also has a background in microbiology and immunology, as well as gerontology, and has several strings to his bow to treat a variety of people.

Dr Issid, is a fan of training and enjoys evenings with friends around a good meal.

He is very conscientious and attentive to his patients. Don’t hesitate to ask for a consultation with him!

Audrey, Licensed Practical Nurse

Audrey, Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

After working for 6 years in the hospitals for the public sector, Audrey was looking for a new work environment and joined Dr. Tranchemontagne’s team a few years ago. Her career includes experience in internal medicine, geriatrics, maternity and ER. 

You will immediately see her experience by seeing her interactions with children and the elderly. Her ease and empathy are evident with them. Big fan of physical activity, Audrey never shys away from complex situations that require cardio!


Arlene, Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

Arlene, Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

Arlene will pamper your feet like they have never been pampered before.

Her thoroughness and skilled hands, not to mention the little massage she gives at the end of every treatment, will do you a world of good.

Arlene left the Public Medical Center sector to join our clinic and has since carved a special place in our hearts and those of our patients.


Michelle, Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

Michelle, Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

Michelle, with her contagious smile and positive attitude, is a valued member of our team. As a licensed practical nurse, she brings valuable expertise and an energy that brightens our daily life.

Passionate about well-being, she has excelled in foot cares, meeting a critical need in the medical field. Her work is meticulous, and she establishes trustful relationships with her patients.
A great enthusiast of outdoor sports, Michelle finds joy and rejuvenation in these activities. She is currently continuing her studies to become a registered nurse, affirming her commitment to excellence and the quality of care.


Khaeddy, Chief operations manager

Khaeddy, Chief operations manager

Khaeddy has been our Director of Operations for over many years and she ensures that the clinic functions properly. With a bachelor’s degree in communication and several years in marketing, she oversees all advertising campaigns. Don’t be surprised if you meet her at the reception or in a treatment room to help her colleagues. She can dot it all (or almost). Always ready to help!

Lauryn, head-secretary, executive assistant

Lauryn, clinic chief and executive assistant

Lauryn is very disciplined and organized, and her calm, composed nature are a soothing influence on days when things are more hectic at the clinic. She is definitely in her element here as she is very interested in the field of Health Science.

In her free time, Lauryn loves training and reading.

Carina, podiatric secretary-assistant

Carina, podiatric secretary-assistant

Carina is the life of the party. Always smiling and in a good mood, she brings a ray of sunshine to the clinic whenever she’s there.

The ease she demonstrates in interacting with her colleagues and patients is a sure sign that Carina will be an excellent teacher when she graduates.

Until then, she’ll continue to spend her spare time tutoring elementary school students.

Carina, podiatric secretary-assistant

Jayde, podiatric secretary-assistant

Jayde is a dynamic and always cheerful employee. Known for her smile and positive approach, she stands out for her organization and structure at work.

Passionate about ancient history, Jayde is pursuing her studies in ancient archaeology, a path that will likely lead her to the history-rich valleys of Greece. Appreciated for her good mood and love of reading, she skillfully combines sociability and rigor in her daily activities.

Carina, podiatric secretary-assistant

Marissa, podiatric secretary-assistant

Marissa initially comes across as reserved, often a bit shy in new encounters. However, once she feels comfortable, she opens up, revealing a friendly and warm personality. Her captivating blue eyes are a testament to her kindness and benevolence.

From a young age, Marissa developed a strong bond with horses, a passion that led her to the equestrian world. She actively participates in horse riding competitions, where her talent and special connection with horses are evident.

Away from the ranch, Marissa is an avid reader, escaping into various worlds through books. She also finds solace in crocheting, an activity that serves as a form of meditation for her and allows her to create beautiful pieces.