How to look after your feet when working from home

Why should you wear shoes inside your home when working from home?

As telecommuting has become the new reality, lifestyles have changed, and your feet have had to adapt. The new sedentary lifestyle of the majority of the population has impacted everyone’s feet. By staying home all day instead of walking to the shops or the train station, they are not as strained as they used to be. The result? You might be working from the comfort of your home, but that does not mean comfort for your feet!

Indeed, you may find that wearing your slippers all day is more comfortable and allows your feet to relax, but the facts are that it doesn’t help your feet. Walking around barefoot or with your socks on only isn’t ideal as your feet aren’t as supported as they should be.

Without this support, it becomes easier to hurt yourself even more so if you usually wear plantar orthosis with your shoes. That is why we strongly recommend that you opt to wear your shoes inside your house during the working week. That should help your feet’ health while also promoting a better posture, making you feel more productive!

How to choose the right shoes?

Some of you might have noticed a new type of pain relating to their feet. The wrong shoes or boots can often cause this. Even when wearing shoes indoors, it is still important to select the right footwear. First of all, it’s essential to choose a pair of conformable shoes that suit your size.

This advice is not only about the length of the shoe, but also its width. Indeed, you have to make sure that your feet are not too tight or, on the contrary, do not protrude from the sole. You should trust how you feel when wearing the shoe and focus on comfort and support. When it comes to finding the right length, the tick is to place the index finger behind the heel, thus allowing enough space.

Furthermore, your shoe should not flex at the foot’s arch but rather at the forefoot, which is located at the level of the toes, thus ensuring better stability.

To provide better support to your feet, the base of the heel should be stiff. To find out if the base of the heel is not too flexible, you can try to rotate your heel by holding the top of your sole. If it doesn’t move too much, it’s good!

In general, a shoe should not be too flexible and give way to excessive twisting. On the contrary, a rigid torsion allows better alignment of the foot and prevents the latter from sagging. And don’t forget to bring your foot orthotics when shopping for new shoes!

To achieve healthy feet

All these elements should be taken into consideration to avoid several plantar pathologies. To conclude, choosing the right pair of shoes and wearing shoes when working from home are two important steps that will help ensure your feet’ well-being!

Should you have any questions related to the health of your feet, or to find out more, do not hesitate to contact us!

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