Protect your feet from the cold during winter activities

Winter activities often help people appreciate the colder months! Ski, snowboarding, snowshoeing, backcountry hiking, only to name a few, are activities that many people enjoy in normal times but even more so since the start of the pandemic. As families and friends aren’t allowed to gather inside, outdoor activities have become more popular.

In fact, winter sports and proximity to nature can also provide people with a sense of peace while allowing them to recharge after spending hours on hand in front of a computer or a television. To make these outdoor activities last longer and remain enjoyable, it is essential to buy the right equipment and be well-informed.


Everybody knows that the best way to enjoy winter sports is to wear warm clothes and boots. As heat can easily escape, it is crucial to wear the right equipment to stay conformable throughout the day.

To keep your feet warm and dry, you must avoid humidity. To do so, we recommend you to use wool stockings such as merino wool. Why is this fabric the best? Merino wool is the best because it repels moisture while retaining heat. They are highly popular amongst winter sports enthusiasts worldwide. It is also possible to add thermal insoles to your boots to keep your feet away from the frozen ground. Thermal insoles or microfiber fleece insoles are a great addition to your boots. Alternatively, you can also use the popular hot pads shaped like insoles. However, these mustn’t be too hot as too much heat could give you the opposite result. Indeed, the sensation could become quite unpleasant and even risky (possibility of burns) for people with diabetes and affect your sensitivity. Use with moderation!

Once you are done with your activities, be sure to dry your socks and boots thoroughly before heading back outdoor again.


Taking care of your feet outside is important, but it is also essential to look after your feet when inside. When at home, you should always wear warm and comfortable stockings. Give them some love! Cleaning, massaging, scrubbing and moisturizing are some of the best ways to look after your feet. Self-care is also the perfect cocooning activity to feel better and more relaxed.


We have also recently published an article about our tips and tricks to choose your winter boots correctly. To find out more about how to choose warm and performing winter boots for your winter activities, please click here. Also, note that the most important thing to factor in when purchasing winter boots is to ensure that the size is right. Your toes must be able to move easily for your feet to stay warm for an extended period.

And remember, moving is also a great way to stay warm when spending hours outside. We hope that these few tips will help you enjoy the colder months and your favourite winter activities. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you!

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