Foot care for all needs!

Taking care of our feet’s health

Your feet are the support of your posture and hold your body daily. Therefore, it’s necessary to take care of them! Since they are out of sight, it is easy not to give them the attention they deserve. Make sure to look at them from time to time and ensure their health and hygiene as well.

Foot care from A to Z

Foot care, also known as “medical pedicures”, should not be considered only when your feet are in bad shape. It is also good for maintenance! Our team at Clinique podiatrique Saint-Charles is equipped to meet everyone’s podiatric needs, no matter what they are!

Depending on your condition, we will prioritize and spend more time on some steps over others. However, we do follow the same sequence in all of our foot care, which goes as follows:

Foot bath

This first part is more than appreciated! The feet are soaked in a small bath with a touch of emollient, for about ten minutes to soften the skin and prepare them for the next stage. You can then relax and enjoy this moment.

To ensure a safe environment for everyone, all our baths are disinfected, covered with a single-use capsule, and are only used for your own feet. Hence, asepsis at the Clinic is very important to us.

Removal of corns and calluses

Subsequently, the nurse or podiatrist will take the time to remove any corns (thickening of the skin that can become painful) and calluses that may have accumulated on each of your feet. This action is performed with a sterilized bagged scalpel for a more precise and defined cleaning. Since the hardened skin reduces sensations, you will immediately feel a difference.

Cutting and polishing your nails

For any health reason, you may not be comfortable when it comes to cutting your own nails or a loved one at home. We are here for you. Our professionals are trained to cut and polish your nails using efficient and appropriate techniques with instruments. Ideal for people with reduced mobility or simply to proceed in a safe environment.


Pampering your feet is not completed without hydrating them! Following the steps above, when your feet are properly cleaned and dried, we proceed to their hydration. At the Clinique Podiatrique St-Charles, we use quality creams, such as Cutibase, which targets skin requiring special attention. However, brands like Cerave and Eucerin, which contain ingredients that optimize your skin’s natural hydration, such as ceramides and

urea, can be used at home for your daily maintenance.

Tips for keeping your fet healty!

At the end of your foot care, we always take time to look at your feet’s condition. Tips and tricks are given to benefit their condition. Whether to resolve pain, improve your posture with plantar orthotics, or another concern, you will get our recommendations with our expertise and transparency. Since we do not often look at every facet of our feet, a small infection or condition may have crept in without our knowledge.

Why choose our podiatrists for your foot care?

It’s possible to get foot cares from several technicians or estheticians, but it is important to know that not everyone has the expertise or the right to use the same tools as our podiatrists or our nurses. We are certified to safely handle sharp instruments within a sanitized environment. Foot care is part of our daily consultations and our expertise in handling the scalpel is unparalleled. This advantage allows us to provide a superior pedicure to our patients.

For your feet’s better health

Our foot care treatments are the ideal option when you are thinking about getting a pedicure. Also, they can be covered by most private insurance.

To maintain healthy feet, it will be important to repeat the visits according to our podiatrists’ suggestions.

Take advantage of our services to pamper your feet!

To find out more or for any questions related to your feet’s health, do not hesitate to contact us!

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