When the plantar fascia touches the floor, the foot is said to be flat.  This condition, which is overwhelmingly hereditary, can only be detected in children who are over three years of age, when the feet are still minimally developed.


This lowering of the arch of the foot can cause harm to the patient’s standing position, the movement of the feet, and the gait.  It also contributes to pain in the lower limbs, namely the feet, legs, and knees, and this pain can extend as far as the spinal column.




The primary recommended treatment for flat feet is the use of plantar supports on the soles of the feet.  In children, the goal of the treatment is to correct the shape of the arch of the foot, while in adults, the orthosis is mainly used to support the foot and relieve pain and discomfort.


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Source : Ordre des podiatres du Québec

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