A condition that mostly affects women, bunions are a bony deformation caused by the first metatarsal bone deviating outward from the foot, causing the big toe (hallux) to be misaligned compared to the other toes.  Bunions are often hereditary and wearing unsuitable shoes can aggravate the condition.  Over time, the bunion can grow due to calcium deposits, and often results in swelling and severe pain in the foot.




There are many treatments for bunions.  If swelling is present, the podiatrist prescribes an anti-inflammatory drug or a cortisone injection.  In order to support the arch of the foot and delay the process of deformation, the podiatrist may also recommend custom-made soles to support the feet.


An exercise program featuring stretches completes each treatment in order to preserve the mobility of the big toe.  If the bunion is especially pronounced, the podiatrist will correct it permanently through surgical intervention.


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Source : Ordre des podiatres du Québec

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