Golf and Sore Feet: Check Your Golf Shoes!

What could be more pleasant, on a holiday or long weekend, than a good game of golf with friends? More than that though, golf is also very beneficial for the health. It not only contributes to good balance and motor control, but it also helps to maintain muscular strength (a golf stroke solicits 17 muscle groups).

Although the risk of injury is lower than with other sports, especially with an adequate warmup, your golf shoes nevertheless have an important role to play in preventing injury or discomfort. Whether you are a very skilled player or a hobbyist, It’s time to check your shoes in order to prevent sore feet this summer.


Golfing is an excellent activity for getting fresh air and exercise as it requires a lot of walking. Imagine, on an 18-hole course, you might walk as much as 10 kilometers! You must therefore wear shoes that provide excellent support to optimize the quality of the contact between your foot and the ground.

Investing in a pair of golf shoes that are fitted to your feet ensures comfort and stability for walking, and it can even contribute to improving your swing. Your choice of shoes will inevitably have an influence on your posture, which can in turn have an impact on your feet. All the more reason that your shoes should be well-fitted in order to limit any foot pain.

Golf shoes that are damaged or worn out lose the structural integrity needed to keep your feet in a stable position when walking or executing movements. The yielding and irregular terrain of a golf course therefore requires that your shoes be in good condition. Consequently, if your shoes are worn out or have lost their shape, you should consider replacing them. Your body will thank you!


Many different models of golf shoes are available in sports stores, so many in fact that one can get lost in a sea of choices. Don’t hesitate to ask for advice from the specialized personnel in the store and to try on a few pairs to help you make a clear choice.

Whether you choose multi-purpose shoes or spiked shoes designed specifically for golf, always consider the materials with which they’re made to ensure that your feet stay dry. Generally, canvas or leather shoes provide the best ventilation and limit foot perspiration and odor. Conversely, shoes made of synthetic materials, such as rubber, tend to trap perspiration.

We also recommend that you opt for lightweight shoes in order to be more comfortable when walking long distances. After a round of golf, you’ll appreciate your light shoes, believe us!

Finally, make sure that your golf shoes are perfectly fitted to your foot. You shouldn’t feel that your foot is floating freely in your shoe, nor that it is being squeezed. Take a few steps in the shoes to check that the front, or toe, is not too tight and that the back of the shoe hugs your heel. Since the feet generally tend to swell over a round of golf, make sure that your shoes aren’t too tight at the outset. In this way, you can prevent sore feet.


We can’t overstate the extent to which warming up your feet is essential before a round of golf. While most golfers take the time to stretch their arms, shoulders, and torso, many forget to warm up their feet, even though it’s the feet that carry all of our weight when we walk or move about.

To warm up your feet, point them inward and outward 15 times each. Next, rotate each foot 20 times in both directions. Now it’s time to play!

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